Renewable Energy Project Planning

Brisa conducted extensive research and project planning for a $12 billion multi-site wind and solar project.  The services included in-depth research of the technical capabilities of engineering companies across the spectrum of services, including site studies, environmental, permitting, due diligence, engineering, Project/Program management, construction management, constructions-related services, equipment, operations and maintenance, and project finance.  Brisa’s research pooled the capabilities of over 50 engineering firms and graded capabilities in 62 areas of services based on project performance, enabling the client to select the most highly-qualified contractors and consultants in every area of services to finance, design, manage, build, and operate these projects in each location.  The system allowed the client to compete the services among the most qualified contractors in each area to maximize value.  Brisa also designed a Program Management structure for the client in order to assure correct program-level and project-level oversight at every stage of the process.


Brisa prepared a technical recommendation for a client seeking to implement a biofuel project in Africa.  Brisa consulted top experts worldwide, and conducted research to determine the current status of the technology in question.  Brisa developed a viable approach to sound project development based on crop optimization, including genetic studies, planting techniques, climate, water, and fertilizer inputs, harvesting technologies, project finance, and many other variables.  Brisa located and negotiated top expertise to assist in carrying out the project.

Brisa has also designed its own innovative projects utilizing algae for biofuel production, which it plans and implements for its clients around the world.

Water and Power Projects

Brisa International has designed billions of dollars worth of world class industrial/municipal plants of all kinds, including the following types of plants/facilities utilizing the best in modern technologies:

Sea water desalination plants, water supply systems, water bottling plant, wastewater treatment plants, sludge processing and reuse, hazardous waste disposal, recycling, waste-to-energy plants, solar photovoltaic and solar thermal facilities, and wind farms.

All processes are state of the art to conserve energy and water, and to allow for incorporation of future advances in technology.  The plants were designed in modular fashion to allow for future expansion, and to provide backup capacity.  Heat, steam and pressure generated in all processes are recycled to reclaim energy and water.  All of the byproducts produced are used as productively as possible.  Fail-safe and backup systems are in place to handle all contingencies, whether natural disaster, oil spill, or security concerns.  The facility designs have incorporated flexibility in technology components in order to adapt to localized needs.

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